Getting your career as a professional voice over artist launched.

Are you considering joining the ranks of professional voice over artists and taking your voice acting talent to the next level? It’s undoubtedly a fascinating industry in which to be involved. Here are some tips and facts for you.

Can I be trained as a voice artist?

Although they act only with their voices, voice over artists are at heart actors like any other. Acting classes are the best place to start to find a formal education as a voice over artist. Most community colleges, schools and art schools as well as some theatres and theatre companies run classes, and are usually happy to make a recommendation. There’s nothing like being properly prepared for the world you’re hoping to make a career in. Don’t rush into soliciting for jobs before you have a thorough grounding in the techniques and uses of the voice, and a little business acumen. You don’t want to waste precious time and money putting out bad demos that won’t attract clients. Occasionally, you may get lucky enough to find an actual, dedicated voice over course in your area, or find a good mentor willing to guide you in this niche area of the acting world.

Are there groups I can join?

There are groups and societies out there specifically dedicated to the art of the voice over. You may be able to join as a student member, eve, and find yourself with access to some of the great resources that are out there to help you on your way. Don’t forget that the world of books and the entire internet also lies out there waiting to be read. The more you read and educate yourself, the better you will do. Talking to the other actors and talent in your area, of via online communities, can also be a great way both to network and to learn from the mistakes of others. Even try downloading and listening to the demos of others, to get an idea of the competition and the standard you need to maintain to do your work. You can also consider working with an agency, although this may require you to pay commission on the work you do with them.

Can I work in cartoons and animations?

Cartoons and animations can be a very niche area of voice overs. It requires a particular dedication to the art of character creation, even more so then in general voice over work. If you’re not in the general LA area, you may have to eventually resign yourself to living in the area, as that is without a doubt the boom area for this work.

Remember above all that hard work and perseverance are an absolute must in order to make it in this niche field of the acting industry. The more you learn, and the more willing you are to expand your skill set, the more chances you will have to truly make it in the industry.