Things To Consider Before Dying

Death is inevitable and that’s just a fact of life. Before you die, you may want to make arrangements so that you won’t leave this world with some regrets or some concerns that have not been addressed.

Since you want to let your body be treated with respect even after you’re no longer present in this world and because you may have some beliefs that you want to be respected, you ought to make a will that people could follow.

You could record a video of yourself wherein you’re giving instructions to your loved ones or attorney. If not that, you could place your requests on paper and have the said document signed. Still, you could do some research to find out which type of memorial service is ideal for you based on your faith and budget.

In addition, you ought to also make an advance directive so that you could tell people how you want to be treated by healthcare professionals in the event that you’d be dying. You ought to handle these things even if you’re currently healthy since you don’t know when you’re going to die and your death could come at any moment.

One of the first things that you should be concerned about is the document that you could use to give specific instructions to doctors, nurses and other hospital personnel about how you ought to be treated when you’re already dying.

You can instruct medical professionals to discharge you from a hospital and send you home when your prognosis would be bad already and you can also tell people not to resuscitate you in the event that you’d already be gasping for air just so you could stay alive.

Thinking about these things may get you depressed but you ought to consider the fact that everyone has to die eventually. Of course, since you’ll expire sooner or later then you should make plans on what your funeral or burial would be.

If you have the money to pay for your funeral in advance then you could pay for a plan for it that’s offered by an insurance company. If not that, you could invest in life insurance so that you could let a beneficiary receive specific amount of cash after your demise. After your death, a coffin has to be bought.

Besides that, mourners have to be nourished and accommodated too. Plus, the place where you’re going to be buried about six feet below the ground and the burial equipment that would be utilized should be paid for as well. If you want to have your corpse burnt into ashes, you could have your body cremated. Still, you do have the option to have your remains cremated and send them to deep space.

If your idea of a perfect funeral is to have your remains sent to the earth’s orbit then you may want to look for cremation memorial services online. Right now, Celestis offers space funerals to those who are interested so you could tell someone whom you trust to have your ashes delivered to the aforementioned company so that they could be launched to outer space.